Future Development
Gather overseas resources to drive the transformation and upgrading of Chinese enterprises
Focus on national strategies
Focus on national strategic industries and provide all-round capital assistance for such industries.
Treat customers in good faith
Treat customers with professional and honest work, and provide customers with the best capital solutions.
Areas Involved In The Future
Areas Involved In The Future
National key infrastructure projects
Introduce funds for airports, wharves, expressways, high-speed railways and supporting production enterprises that are key investments of the state, so as to realize the national strategy and enterprise development strategy
Focus on carbon neutralization
It mainly invests in environmental protection, energy, electricity, petrochemical, chemical industry, non-ferrous metals, papermaking and domestic civil aviation. It mainly cooperates with enterprises in the power industry to provide financial support for China's new energy power generation and related supporting industries
New energy vehicles
Focus on domestic and international leading new energy vehicle manufacturers, as well as upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, to provide development capital services for China's new energy vehicles
High end manufacturing
Develop the industry around the strategy of "specialization, precision, specialty and innovation", and realize the "Introduction and going out" in biopharmaceutical, intelligent manufacturing, chip, integrated circuit, optical communication and other industries
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